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It’s Almost Time…

Well, the teaser is almost here, so we figured we’d give you guys a couple quick clips to wet your appetites.  A mysterious ad…   The shadowy Klep straps up and gets ready for his next mission that will change the course of history… Stay tuned for the full teaser coming soon!

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!  We’ll be starting regular posts to update you on Klep the Thief with information, screenshots and more!  As you know Klep the Thief will be coming out soon.  Check out the announcement trailer if you haven’t already. So who is Klep?  Let’s just say he’s a well trained thief.  He’s been sneaking and scheming […]

Diamonds are Klep’s Best …. Diamonds

In Klep The Thief®, Diamonds are the common currency. We’re not saying that there won’t be other precious items…. Collectibles are dispersed all around the world and will aid in unlocking various weapons, trophies, clothes and gadgets to enhance Klep’s arsenal!