A Heck of a Rail!

“See, like this!” Nassim cried out, his voice barely able to hide his excitement. His back was against the wall of the large, bright meeting room on the second floor of the library at the University. Amir, who was hopped up on allergy medicine that decidedly was not working, stared dumbfounded.

“Each object will have a directional rail on it, which Klep can attach to and move along. Like this wall, he can put his back against it and slowly creep along it towards the edge.”

As if to emphasize his point, Nassim slowly shuffled along the wall, like he was trying to sneak past an invisible enemy.

“Ohh! I see what you’re saying now,” Amir said, snapping out of his pharmaceutical haze and finally wrapping his head around it. “So any interactive object will have a rail, and when Klep attaches to it we can have custom animations and behaviors. I like it!”

And thus began another weekly meeting of the Poez, Inc team…

After clarifying the rails system Nassim was planning on implementing, he and Amir decided it was time to refuel.  They walked across the street to the Starbucks, but not before enjoying the bustling day’s scenery.  It was fall quarter and while it had started to get cooler out, there was still nice weather to be had.  They entered the coffee shop, the aromatic smell of ground coffee beans immediately flooding their noses.  There was no line, so they headed straight to the order taker. Nassim looked over at Amir and asked what he wanted.

“Don’t worry about it, I got it,” Amir replied politely.

“You’re an official Poez employee now buddy, I’m putting it on the company card.” As Nassim said this, he took out his Poez Inc credit card and showed Amir.  Sure enough, it was registered to Poez Inc.

Well, I can’t argue with that…Amir thought to himself, and told Nassim what he wanted.  After their drinks were made, they headed back to the library.  Hot beverages in hand, they were ready to get down to business.